1. Are orders accepted at the moment?

Made-to-order and bespoke orders are now accepted. See our instagram pictures here.


  1. What products does Vertolk do?

So long as it is within our means, we are able to design and create a leather product (excluding footwear and apparel) of your choice. This ranges from small accessories (luggage tag, credit holder etc) to bags and briefcases. 

You can browse our existing collection here, which will be updated whenever we finish a product here in our atelier. If the item you have in mind is not shown, please contact us for a bespoke order. See the following question for more details. 


  1. What is bespoke?

A bespoke order happens when we craft a product entirely from scratch for the client, with the client heavily involved in the process from start to finish.

With a design in mind (from us or the client), we first create patterns unique to this project. The patterns will allow us to hand cut leather pieces later on that goes into the final product. During this process, we will provide input on how to improve the design and construction. Proportion and size is key so there may be more than 1 iteration, incorporating the client's feedback before the design and details are finalised. 

The client will also be able to choose the leather type(s) and colour choice(s). Once decided, we will officially craft out the leather product. 


  1. What is the order process like?

To place an order, drop us an email at atelier@vertolk.com. Please indicate if you are interested in an existing collection or a bespoke order. We will advise you on the subsequent steps accordingly.

From time to time, we may have existing products for purchase. This will be updated on our Instagram account. 


  1. Are there any other customisations available? 

Apart from choice of leather (type and colour) and colour of stitching thread, we offer complimentary hot stamping of your initials on every product that you purchase. There is a choice of gold foil, matte silver foil or blind (without any foil or colour). 

We currently offer 2 type sizes. One in 7mm and the other in 5mm. 


  1. How long does it take before taking delivery on my order? 

The lead-time is not fixed and varies according to the number of orders on queue and time needed to craft each product.

The time taken to complete a product starts from a day and can go to weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and construction. Please allow sufficient time as every item is hand-cut, hand-stitched and hand-finished.